Prologue Part I


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Growing up in the Eastmann family was no easy task for Everly Eastmann, youngest child of Hugh and Jacqueline. She was neither wanted or loved by her parents, life in the Eastmann house was tough for her although no one would have guessed that. To the average sim the Eastmann’s were the pinnacle of social and financial success, with a perfect family, house and lives. However upon closer inspection the cracks begin to show.

As a child Everly spent very little time with her parents, they were far to busy with their careers and social lives. Her parents had only planed on having one child since it would be expensive enough to feed, clothe, and properly educate one child rather than two. But Everly was their very unhappy wedding anniversary surprise baby, that was probably the only time her parents had woohooed all year. The first child was her older brother Derrick, perfect in every way in her parents eyes. He was smart, hansom, athletic, confident and well received by everyone around him. Everything Everly’s parents thought she wasn’t.

fatherslifeHer father, Hugh, was an Angel Investor at Dewey, Cheatem and Howe Incorporated which meant that he invested other people’s money into worthy charities, businesses and organizations. However he spent so much time working that he never had time for his family. They only seemed to get on his nerves and anger him.

motherslifeHer mother, Jacqueline, had never worked a day in her life, she came from a wealth family and was used to the finer things in life. She filled her days with shopping and socializing with a group of other wealthy mothers who never spent time with their kids, instead letting their nannies raise them. She frivolously spent Hugh’s hard earned money on new clothes, spa treatments, and fine dining with her socialite friends.

“Everly! What on earth do you think you’re doing?” her mother shrieked “those are not for fat piggies! They are for my social group, now I have to have the maid make more!”


Everly quickly stuffed the rest of the lemon bar into her mouth before her mother could take it away, she savored the sweet tangy mix while it dissolved on her tongue. Evie loved all things sweet and fattening and because of this she was quite a pudgy child. She ate to make herself feel better about her life, it was the one thing she could control.

“Today we are going shopping for new school clothes, so don’t eat any more I want you to fit into your clothes this year my little piggy.” Her mother stated as Everly finished chewing the lemon bar.

“Dearest can you just limit your spending a little bit?” Hugh asked Jacqueline “We aren’t made of simoleons you know.”

Dearest you know that I have an image to maintain, Watcher help us if anyone finds out how bad it really is.” She replied haughtily “Besides we always manage to scrape through.”moneyissuesHugh sighed and paused to collect his thoughts. “But Darling, with Derrick’s  Sims State University tuition due as well as the mortgage this month. And we both know that you are going to go all out for Everly’s Birthday party.”

Jacqueline raised her eye brows at him. “Oh Hugh, it’s going to be the party of the season! I have the last little girl to age up into a teen and I want it to be a special day for me!” She replied while nodding her head.

Everyone who was anyone was gathered for Everly’s Birthday party. Jacqueline was determined to spare no expense on the party since she was the last mother of a young girl in her social group and she knew how much the other mothers missed their own little girls that are now grown. This party just had to be spectacular in every way, there was excellent gourmet foods prepared by the best chefs in town, there was a hired mixologist to provide refreshments, and of course a cake for the birthday girl!

TeenBDay.pngEveryone gathered around as Everly prepared to blow out the candles on the cake her mother picked for her. “Everything for the party her mother had picked” thought Evie as she looked around, “It’s as if this is a party for her, There are more adults here then children, even little Berjensen child is here only because her mother is in my mother’s social group. This is all about Jacqueline, the fact that I am aging up doesn’t mean anything to her.” And just like that Everly entered her teen years.

Continued in Part II


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